F. Joseph-Marie Verlinde

F. Joseph-Marie Verlinde

F. Joseph-Marie Verlinde

Redemptoris Custos Institute

Father Joseph-Marie Verlinde joined the monastic fraternity of the Famille de Saint Joseph in 1991 and received the name of Joseph-Marie. He is today the Prior of the Monks and Nuns of Saint Joseph.

Renowned preacher, he is invited throughout the world to hold courses and retreats. In 2002, Cardinal Lustiger entrusted him with the Lenten Talks of Notre-Dame de Paris, asking him to give an apologetical overview on the new religiosities conveyed by the New Age movement.

After having taught epistemology and natural philosophy at the Catholic University of Lyon for 15 years, as well as fundamental theology at the seminary of Ars, Father Joseph-Marie now preaches lectio divina and spiritual healing retreats.

He also writes about great societal issues such as the gender theory, environmentalism, eugenics, in order to help believers form an opinion on these issues that is coherent with the Catholic faith.

In September 2013, he was appointed priest of the Saint-Martin de la Coquillade parish, and in September 2015, priest of the Notre-Dame des Lumières parish.

Every month, Father Joseph-Marie holds the “Bêta cycle” and answers to open questions, put by people present at the monastery or sent by net surfers. These exchanges are then broadcasted on the YouTube channel of the Famille de Saint Joseph.